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Wednesday, February 25, 2004:

this conversation took place at denny's sunday night (technically monday morning) at around 2:30.

Pat: i like outdoor sports!
Me: i have doors!
P: what? dwarves?
M: no, i said doors... but i guess dwarf tossing could be an outdoor sport... you ever hear that band, the dwarves? they're pretty cool.
P: yeah, they're awesome... 'break on through to the other side.'
M: no, i said the dwarves, not the doors.
*much laughter ensues*

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Sunday, February 15, 2004:

there was leftover pizza in my fridge, and i decided to eat it. it was the last piece so i had to throw the box away. the plan was to hold the pizza in my mouth while i fold the box in half and stick it in the trash can. the pizza fell out of my mouth and was headed toward the trash. i tried to catch it, but all i managed to do was to knock it away from the garbage can. it landed face down on the floor.
floor pizza... gross, right?
but i'm still totally eating it while i'm typing this.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2004:

for the past 3 days or so, i've been living on candy and the occasional sandwich. like, there's a dish of candy in my living room and it's got sweettart hearts and necco hearts. there's also nothing good to eat in my house. so that's it. just candy, with some kind of sandwich for "dinner."
also, i want a livejournal. i don't actually plan on posting in it, but i read so many of them that i figure it'll just make things easier. i can add every one that i read to my friends list, then just check my friends page once a day or so, instead of checking 10 different journals. so someone give me a code. or i'll kill you.
i got christine a birthday present today. it was fun. her birthday's the 16th.

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Monday, February 02, 2004:

i think i'm seriously depressed. the only things that ever really make me happy anymore are music and christine.
i don't know what i want to do with my life. there's nothing i even really want to do. nothing that i could actually make a career out of, anyway. everyone keeps telling me to go to school? for what? i don't even have a general idea of what kind of career i'd like to have.
i really don't have any motivation to do anything at all. like, i'm completely losing interest in life. i'm not going to kill myself or anything like that, but still. it sucks.
i feel so hopeless, destined to fail.
i don't know why i bother posting here, because most of you either already know how i feel or don't care (not that i blame you).
fucking angst.

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Saturday, January 31, 2004:

i just realized how awful i am at conversation. i really cannot talk to people at all.
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Thursday, January 29, 2004:

the light in my kitchen burnt out about a half hour ago. it is (well, was now) the only light on in the house. when it happened, i was like "oh shit, the power's out," and then i went back to reading whatever i was reading online. it took me a second to realize that the light just burnt out.
now i'm sitting in the dark, because there's no other light around here that i like having on.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2004:

i just ordered a ticket to see einsturzende neubauten in boston on the 25th of april. that should be an amazing show.
ben and his girlfriend got in some kind of fight either online or over the phone tonight. he won't give me any of the details, but i kind of wish he would. as much as i can't stand him sometimes, i wish i could help. he seems really bothered by it. he's usually asleep by 9 or 10, but he's just up in his room pacing.
i'm pretty excited that i can vote for the president this year. i'm trying to stay informed about things. i'd like to make a responsible, educated choice. i still need to go to the town hall and register.
i keep seeing all these commercials on TV for a cheap dell computer. like, $400. my dad thinks i'll get back all the money i paid in taxes, so i'm going to have like $600. i know everyone says dells suck, but it'd be nice to have my own computer. i want a cable modem, too.
my musical tastes keep growing. there's so much stuff i want to check out, but i really don't have any money to spend on music right now. in fact, i don't really have any money to spend on anything. but yeah, the deeper i go into the roots of industrial, the more weird stuff i find. just experimental jazz and classical. also, i've been listening to WRIU a lot lately, even when they're playing world music, underground hip hop, techno and other random stuff. i find myself liking a lot of what i hear, too. that's why i want my own computer with a cable modem so badly. a lot of the stuff i want to hear is rare or out of print and i think it'd be easier to just find the mp3s.
i just realized how positive this entry is. i like it. i should be like this all the time.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2004:

i don't even like updating this thing anymore. i'm too boring of a person to keep a journal.
i watched requiem for a dream last night with christine. i did not like that movie at all. i mean, it was really good in the sense that i think it achieved what it was supposed to, but i still didn't like it. it made both of us feel horrible. i think at the end when the credits rolled, we just kind of hugged each other tight without saying anything and didn't let go for a long time. i never want to see that movie again, heh.
i've been recording lots of noise lately. my goal is to get something released somewhere, even if it's just a split tape with someone else or a CD-R for some tiny label or something. the amp's working again, and so is the mic so i can use feedback again. the only reason i'm excited about that is because i love the really high pitched squealing feedback noise that it makes.
i had a really weird dream this morning. i'm not going to go into to much detail, but it ended up with me getting on a log flume ride with a few friends. it was a hollowed out log on a conveyer belt, and it was going up. as we neared the top, i noticed people ahead of us were trying to get off. it wasn't a log flume ride, it was a giant wood chipper. i tried running down the conveyer belt but it was hopeless... it was moving up faster than i could move down. as i was nearing being shredded, my alarm went off. i kind of wish i didn't. i think it would have been cool to go through the wood chipper. i mean, it's just a dream, it's not like i'd really get hurt.
that's it for now, i guess.

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Thursday, January 15, 2004:

i opened this window and now i don't know what to say. there's an awful lot building up inside of me, and it's not going to be pretty when it all comes out.
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Saturday, January 10, 2004:

-2 degrees out. fucking cold.
it's really pretty outside right now, though. clear and dark blue.

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